Release notes

Discover the latest Kipe updates and enhancements to improve your time tracking experience.

Tack v1.28.10

February 2023
Web App Release Notes Cover Image:Tack v1.28.10

What's New

  • Edit seconds: You can now edit seconds for time entries, giving you even more flexibility and precision when tracking your time.
  • Time off requests search: We've added search functionality to the time off requests page, making it easier to find and manage your time off requests.
  • Zapier integration: We've added Zapier integration, which allows you to connect our software with thousands of other apps and automate your workflows.
  • Added createdBy column in shared report table.

Bug Fixes

  • Weekly view: We've fixed several bugs in the weekly view, making it more reliable and stable.
  • Public shared report: We've also fixed bugs in the public shared report, ensuring that it displays accurate information.


  • User interface: We've made several improvements to the user interface, including better navigation and updated visuals, to make the software more intuitive and enjoyable to use.