Release notes

Discover the latest Kipe updates and enhancements to improve your time tracking experience.

Tack v1.28.9

February 2023
Web App Release Notes Cover Image:Tack v1.28.9

What's New

  • Mobile Responsiveness: The software is now optimized for use on mobile devices, providing a seamless and efficient experience on the go.
  • Slack Integration for Timeoff: The software now integrates with Slack to provide notifications and updates for timeoff requests.
  • Alphabetically Sorted Filters: Filters are now sorted in an alphabetical order, making it easier to find the desired filter option.
  • Enables editing of time entries in a weekly view: When enabled, regular users and admins can edit, while when disabled, only admins can edit, and regular users can only view.
  • Report Summary Time Rounding: Time rounding has been added to the report summary, providing a clearer and more accurate representation of time spent on tasks.
  • Link Extraction in Comments: Comments that include links are now extracted and displayed as buttons, making it easier to access external resources.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Existing Project Set as Template Option: A bug that was causing issues with the existing project set as template option has been fixed, providing a more stable experience for users.


  • Improved user interface